Meet Nhung

We are so happy that more and more customers are enjoying our products but we would like you to know who works behind the scenes and enables us to deliver high quality products made with care and love ♥️ 

This is Nhung, our Sales and Marketing Manager, thank you Nhung for being part of our granola family 😊

“Hi my nane is Thuy Nhung. Before working for Pete’s Luxury Wholefoods, I worked in tourism industry for 3 years. One day my guest Mehta Jai gave me Crunchy Granola so I tried it and it tasted so delicious. When I found out that this kind of product is also healthy and nutrious, I decided to quit my job at brg golf and start working for Pete’s Luxury Wholefoods. I’m a Sale and Marketing manager in this company. Actually i had no experience in the sales field. That’s why in the beginning I was very shy and a bit nervous but our company product is very nice and very good for the health of the people so now I feel very confident to work. The satisfied customers and their smile are the motivation that make my try my best every day!” 😊

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