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Xin Chào. When I moved to Hoi An in January 2018 there didn’t seem to be any decent, reasonably-priced granola.

Now there is!

I came across a granola recipe online that promised to be the best granola EVER and after dozens of try-outs and the addition of my secret ingredients we were ready to give it a whirl… When we sampled the still-warm result…wow! It truly was an inspiring moment, it looked, smelt and tasted unbelievable…you could almost hear an infant cry. “Wow” I said. “You could sell this stuff!” And so a business was born. Welcome to Pete’s Luxury Wholefoods. Three months of feverish activity followed, tweaking the recipe to fine-tune it, obtaining ingredients, designing the packaging, logo and marketing material and of course starting to bake and sell to friends and parents at our kids’ school. I broke the nuts, mixed the ingredients, baked, mixed again, packaged, stuck on labels, distributed on my push bike – this wasn’t a Mom and Pop operation it was a Pop and Pop operation, albeit with lots of support from the family. Finally I was ready to launch our first product, All Day Crunchy Granola (you really can eat it all day…)

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