Hidden gem in busy Hoian – Phin coffee

Phin coffee Hoi An is a beautiful cafe located in a tucked away corner of Hoi An Old Town, but when you come here, you will be amazed at how crowded it can be. The answer is the classic coffee flavor, and the way it is made.

The owners were former  tour guides, so when they chose to start a business they wanted to do something related to the culture of their country. And Coffee/Cafe is a very important part of Vietnamese culture, so Thinh Bui and his wife Ms. Vuong Anh decided to choose coffee and named the business Phin, the typical way of making Vietnamese coffee.

Phin opened in March 2017 and only 3 years later it ranks at the top of Tripadvisor.com.

At first, Phin encountered many difficulties: changing their foreign customer’s habits was one of the most difficult. Explaining their high-class coffee products and persuading customers to try this different way of making coffee…

During the social quarantine period, Phin remodelled the garden to suit their new market: – that is local people. The “local” tourist market will be trickier in some respects to the overseas tourist market, local people are very particular about their food and drink and also want to have a beautiful space. Phin also reduced the price of the menu by 20% to suit the spending capacity of local customers.

Phin visits farm cafe in Dalat

Coffee in Phin follows the world coffee trend called Third Wave coffee and Specialty Coffee. That is, direct development linkages with farmers to enhance the value of the product. The quality of coffee is guaranteed along with the quality of life of the farmers

Currently, Pete’s Luxury Wholefoods is granola supplier to Phin. Mr. Thinh Bui said: Phin finds it very fortunate to find a partner that provides high quality, stable products like PLW. Pete’s Granola Smoothie Bowl is the most popular dish at the restaurant.

Phin already has branches in Ha Noi and Phong Nha. In the near future, Phin plans to open more shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Good luck to them, we look forward to trying them!

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