gluten free breakfast


I'm Như, 25. I'm in charge of all things related to baking at Pete's. I came to Peter, having heard about him from a friend, and told him that I didn't have much experience, but I do like baking and making things with my own hands, and that I was eager to learn. When I first met Peter back in Sep 2018, the business was still operating mainly from his home kitchen with occasional 'baking trips' to local bakeries. There were Peter, me, and another girl – Dung. Now we've got our own vented oven which I am very pleased to use, and not a lot but enough employees that we need to have regular meetings and work out a system to help us work together smoothly. It's been quite a journey and I'm excited for what's coming next. Aside from making yummy granola, my one resolution for 2019 is to help make our granola-making process greener for the earth, because I do care a whole lot about it.