Sales and Marketing

Thuy Nhung Nguyen

My name is Thuy Nhung Nguyen. Before working in Sales- Marketing for this company I had worked in the tourism industry for 3 years. One day my guest Jai Mehta gave me a taste of the fantastic Crunchy Granola and I fell in love with it! When I found out that this kind of product is nutritious, healthy and it is really good for people, I decided to quit my job and follow the new path which is called Pete’s Luxury Wholefoods. My main job is Sales and Marketing. For me, this is a new and big challenge because I don't have much experience in the sales field. I always keep in my mind that every product I sell to my customers is a gift because, better than anyone, I understand the company's products are really nice and really good for you. Satisfied customers and their smiles are my motivation which makes me try more every day.