Founder and CEO

Peter Gluckstein

I moved from London, England to Vietnam to relax and have a nice time watching my children grow up in the idyllic surroundings of Hoi An – then I found Granola and Granola found me! Now I work as hard as I ever have done, building the business, talking to customers, experimenting with new products and nurturing my talented, committed and hard-working staff.

I previously built and sold a successful marketing Agency in London so I know about growing a business from scratch but I’ve never previously worked with food or in baking, so the challenge of learning new skills has been Immense fun. Hoi An is such a great place to grow a business, people are helpful and supportive and even the task of legitimizing and registering the business has been full of surprises! I look forward to growing the business so we supply our products the length and breadth of Vietnam, bringing healthy, tasty snacks to Vietnamese and expats alike…