How to shop on Lazada

🙋🏻‍♀️FIRST INSTRUCTION: When you start Lazada, if it’s in VN click top right on THAY ĐỔI NGÔN NGỮ (CHANGE LANGUAGE) and select English or right click your mouse and select “translate page”.

Following this chart below, there are 6 steps:

1. Choose your product

Click on the product, learn more in Product Descriptions and Specifications. Check out the product photos and finally add to cart.

There are often many different companies selling the same thing, like Quaker Oats for example, at very different prices, it’s important to compare prices and shipping costs and look at reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the seller even if you write them in English you will usually get a response.   

2. Register an account

Make sure the shipping address is correct.  You need an address and phone number but neither have to be yours! If you don’t have an “actual” address you can use a neighbour, landlord, friend, place of employment or whatever. They will ALWAYS call before delivery so you need a phone number of a Vietnamese speaker who will accept delivery or tell them where and when to deliver. Also: When you enter your address put your province first then it will give you a drop down list of District then Ward. 

3. Proceed to checkout

Confirm shopping cart. You need to check cart details, select product quantity then proceed to checkout. CHECK SHIPPING COST CAREFULLY! They sometimes make mistakes there and put in crazy figures, watch out!

4. Select payment method

Pick your payment options. Payment – if you don’t have a VN bank account you can use a credit card from abroad but you can also select the COD option and pay on delivery.

Also, if you select COD if (as occasionally happens) the seller cancels, it saves mucking around with refunds… By the way – Customer Service is pretty good. When you contact them and type in your problem they will ask you to wait for an agent who speaks English.

5. Place order

Confirm your Order summary and Delivery information. Then finally Place order and you are Done!  

6. Relax while waiting for our products coming soon

That’s all! It’s pretty straightforward and stuff arrives generally in the timescale they post. Good luck! 🥰

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